The Department provides the following services:
    1.    Civil / Structural Engineering analysis and design using latest CAD software.
    2.    Specialized Analysis, considering dynamic loading conditions like: Seismic, Blast Resistant, Wind etc.
    3.    Soil and Foundation Engineering in collaboration with the Geotechnical Department of the Company.
    4.    Structural Integrity Auditing and Assessment employing Schmidt Hammers, Reb-bar Locators etc.
    5.    General concrete technology and rehabilitations.
    6.    Building Structural Designs and Specifications.
    7.    Engineering Design and Draughting of structural Steel, Concrete and Masonry.
    8.    Warehouses and Workshops Design.
    9.    Industrial Civil Engineering.
    10.    Pavement Design.
    11.    Fuel Stations and Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities Design and Supervision.


Head Office

Hall of Technology, Kinbu Road
P.O. Box 3969

Phone: 0302663871 / 0244573097