The Department carries out the following functions:
    1.    Prepare Project Implementation Schedules.
    2.    Monitor Progress of Projects.
    3.    Compile and Keep Compressive list of all Projects.
    4.    Submit quarterly and annual Reports on Projects to Sector Minister.
    5.    Provide inputs for formation of Project Team.
    6.    Archive Projects Documents and Material.
    7.    Collate lessons learned that were Documented.
    8.    Prepare periodic reports to provide feedback on and to aid review and appraisal of Projects.
    9.    Co-ordinate the Writing of Technical Proposals and respond to Expression of Interest.
    10.    Attend to pre-proposal and tender opening meetings and submit reports to management.


Head Office

Hall of Technology, Kinbu Road
P.O. Box 3969

Phone: 0302663871 / 0244573097