Activities under this are broken down into two main areas:

(a)    Urban Water Supply
This covers Regional, District Capitals and towns with population above 15,000.  Delivery stretches from Pre-feasibility, Feasibility, Draft/Final design to supervision and Preparation of Facility Management Plans (FMP).

(b)    Rural/Small Communities Water Supply
    Rural/Community Water supply covers Rural Communities of below 1000 to 10,000 populations.  Our software delivery covers Community Mobilization, which includes Formation and Training of Water Boards and Water and Sanitation Committees (WATSAN)


The activities under water supply covers groundwater exploration, (siting of Boreholes, supervision of Borehole Drilling and Mechanization of boreholes/wells), analysis of hydrological data, design and supervision of water supply structures viz: treatment plants, transmission mains, distribution networks, which includes pipe profiles, determination of pipe classes based on prevailing pressures, correct positioning of valves, provision of anchor blocks, thrust blocks, fire Hydrants, underground/elevated water Reservoirs, preparation of Water Policy for District Assemblies and Preparation of Facilities and management Plans  (FMP).

Hydrologic and hydraulic design and supervision of construction storm drainage networks for Town/Communities, Schools, Hospitals, market areas etc.
3.    SEWERAGE:       

Planning, Engineering design and construction supervision of Sewerage works which cover Treatment plants, Disposal fields, Sewer lines, Septic tanks, Filter media and Pumping stations for Towns/Communities, Schools, Hospitals, Market Places, Factories, offices and domestic use.


Hydrological analysis of rainfall/run-off data, hydraulic design and construction supervision of hydraulic structures ( i.e. weirs, dams, and impoundment for cattle, small farms and domestic use).


Activities under irrigation include analysis of hydrological data viz run-off, rainfall, wind, humidity and evaporation, hydraulic design and construction supervision of channels/laterals, dams (mini & major), weirs/gates, drainage outlets, pump installations. Economic analyses are done to ascertain the viability of the projects.


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